Newsletter #3 
April 2021

Think NEXUS first online Workshop

On February 17th 2021, Think NEXUS organised an online Workshop titled “Key NGI technologies in the EU-US context”. This was an invitation-only event, which included the participation of more than 30 experts from EU countries and the US.

The Workshop was focused on identifying the technical topics, which will enable the implementation of Next Generation Internet technologies. Therefore, the main objective of this Workshop was to further prepare the EU-US research and development agenda for cooperation on future internet technologies.

The Workshop started with a brief presentation of Think NEXUS and the Next Generation Internet initiative, followed by an explanation of the event’s objectives and agenda.

In order to foster open and fruitful discussions between the participants, during the Workshop’s first session two parallel tracks were organised: the EU track and the US track. During this session participants had the opportunity to discuss and shortlist the key Internet technologies considered as priorities for the upcoming years.

Furthermore, the second session of the Workshop brought together EU and US experts to discuss the outcomes of previous session and shortlist the main priorities in terms of key technologies for EU-USA cooperation. This was a highly interactive session that resulted in very interesting outcomes for EU-USA cooperation in Next Generation Internet technologies.


The Workshop was moderated by Think NEXUS’ partners – GAC Group and AUSTRALO. All Think NEXUS’ partners attended the Workshop. The main outcomes of the Workshop are available soon the project’s website.

Click here to access to the Workshop’s outcomes!

Testimonials from Workshop participants

“The Think NEXUS’ Online Workshop on “Key NGI technologies in the EU-US” was an excellent quick probe to identify the common future of technologies that will engage researchers on both sides of the Atlantic to work on together. These include the hottest topics, such as Data Sovereignty, or longer-term topics such as Quantum Computing, to name a few. This exercise showed immediate consensus on focus topics to align the EU and US collaboration"

Latif Ladid, Founder & President, IPv6 FORUM

Think NEXUS’ contribution on the new EU-US cooperation book

The book “ICT Policy, Research, and Innovation: Perspectives and Prospects for EU – US Collaboration” is available on Wiley!

The book provides a clearly readable overview of selected information and communication technology (ICT) and policy topics. It compares and contrasts the policy approaches taken by the EU and the US in policy, research, and innovation topics on technologies as wide-ranging as:

  • Internet of Things
  • Cyber physical systems
  • 5G
  • Big data

The book includes a chapter on “The Next Generation Internet Initiative”, which was developed by Think NEXUS partners, namely:

  • Fabrice Clari – GAC Group
  • Glenn Ricart – USIgnite
  • Hubert Santer – GAC Group
  • José Gonzalez – AUSTRALO
  • Nikos Sarris – ATC
  • Peter Van Daele – IMEC
  • Vasilis Papanikolaou – AUSTRALO
  • Wouter Tavenier – IMEC

The book is part of a Wiley / IEEE Press series on “Technology Management, Innovation, and Leadership”, edited by another Think NEXUS partner, Tariq Samad of the University of Minnesota.

This chapter focuses on topics relevant to foster EU-US cooperation on NGI related topics. Moreover, this chapter includes the outcomes from the Think NEXUS US Workshop 2019, which was held in July 2019 in Washington DC, US.

More information about the book is available at:

Wiley Online Library

Think NEXUS’ Publications

Think NEXUS has been fostering cooperation between EU and US experts through the development of a series of Whites Papers and Policy Briefs focused on cutting-edge NGI topics. These publications present the EU and the US views, as well as opportunities for cooperation in the selected NGI topics. The following publications can be consulted and downloaded on Think NEXUS’ website

If you are interested in collaborating with Think NEXUS in the development of a new publication, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Think NEXUS upcoming activities

Key NGI technologies in the EU-US context – second workshop

Think NEXUS will organise a workshop titled “Key NGI technologies in the EU-US context – second workshop”, which will be held on 21st of April 2021, 17h00 – 19h00 CEST. This Workshop will build upon the outcomes of the previous workshop organised on 17th of February 2021.

Stay tuned for more news about this workshop!

Get to know the other NGI projects! - Bridging EU-US research on Next Generation Internet

From January 2020 through June 2022, will push the Next Generation Internet a step further by funding EU-based researchers and innovators in carrying out Next Generation Internet related experiments, in collaboration with US research teams.

Thanks to’s funding for open calls dedicated to EU-US teams working together on NGI experiments, it is expected that the EU-US collaborations will move from workshops mode to a significant increase in the transatlantic cooperation activities that have either already started in the FIRE, ICE-T and NGI programmes or new ones that will receive significant acceleration from the Open Calls provided in

Do you want to know more about

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Stay tuned to know more about Think NEXUS’ upcoming activities!!!

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