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Newsletter #2 
October 2019

Message from the Project Coordinator
Fabrice Clari (inno TSD) -
Project Coordinator

Summertime has been a fruitful period for EU-US collaboration over the NGI! Think NEXUS’ team met in Washington DC for the very first Think NEXUS event in the US – more details below in this newsletter. Partners took also the opportunity of this US event to meet with representatives from US agencies such as the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

This first US workshop provided EU an US experts with the opportunity to discuss synergies needed for developing the internet of tomorrow, specifically on Think NEXUS areas (policy, innovation and entrepreneurship, science and technology). These high-level discussions took place with the experts and EU and US officials attending the event. Topics included notably joint or coordinated funding scheme, EU-US cooperation on AI taxonomy, joint experimentation testbeds, differences in involvements of public administrations...

This journey has proven extremely useful for reaching Think NEXUS’ objectives and all involved stakeholders have shown a great interest in creating EU-US synergies on NGI – thus giving the team yet more incentives to move forward.

On behalf of the full consortium, have a nice read… And stay tuned, Think NEXUS will organise its second workshop in 2020 (in Europe).

Think NEXUS US Workshop 2019

Think NEXUS organised its first Experts’ Workshop on July 10th in Washington DC, US.

The Workshop started with an introduction session from Chris Greer, Director of the Smart Grid and Cyber-Physical Systems Program Office and National Coordinator for Smart Grid Interoperability, NIST. In addition, the opening remarks were presented by Peter Fatelnig, Minister Counsellor for the Digital Economic Policy, and EU Delegation to the USA.

Ken Calvert, Division Director for Computer and Network Systems in the Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE) Directorate, NSF, presented a session on “NSF-EU Collaboration in Networking Research”; and Andrew Sullivan, President & CEO of the Internet Society provided his views on NGI.

During the day, each Expert Group had a breakout session to discuss the groups’ scope and goals and a session to discuss framework developments, operational objectives and the first sprint.

Finally, a “live” wrap-up of the outcomes of the breakout sessions was presented by the leaders of each Expert Group.


Testimonials from Workshop participants

“The Think NEXUS Workshop in Washington DC on July 10th enabled the 3 expert groups to meet with to discuss Next Generation Internet issues of connectivity, interoperability speed security and protocols. With talks from Chris Greer, NIST and Peter Fatelnig, (EU) Delegation to the United States setting the scene the breakout sessions looked at IPv6, 5G, Big Data, Edge, IoT and Security issues under three different headings of Science and Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and EU-US Policy.

As guests of our US hosts NIST we were invited to attend the Global City Teams Challenge Expo, an excellent networking opportunity for further discussions re: possible EU-US projects for collaboration, and exploring synergies which will be mutually beneficial. We are anticipating further progress once US budget issues resolved and tangible projects to be delivered as planned. A very interesting and open event where colleagues were eager for collaboration”.

Ray Walshe, Dublin City University

"The Think Nexus workshop held in Washington DC on the 10th of July has been the first formal meeting of the Expert groups, setting the tone and the pace for the discussions to come. I have had the opportunity to participate both in the Policy and in the Innovation expert working group and I have found the discussions interesting and energizing. All the Expert felt very engaged and I expect impactful results from this and future meetings."

Martina Desole, APRE

Main outcomes from the first Expert Group roundtable are out!

Do you want to know more about the outcomes of the Expert Group roundtables that took place on July 10th in Washington DC, US? The main results are available on Think NEXUS’ website.

Click in the link below to know more!


Think NEXUS 2nd Consortium Meeting

Hosted by the US Ignite, Think NEXUS’ second consortium meeting took place on July 9th in Washington DC, US. The meeting allowed for Think NEXUS partners to present and discuss the developments and achievements of the first six months of the project across the project five Work Packages, as well as to better plan the upcoming activities.

Think NEXUS at NGI Forum

The NGI Forum 2019 took place on September 25th on Helsinki, Finland in co-location with the My Data 2019 Conference. The event had important contributions from Think NEXUS, NGI Forward, NGI EXPLORERS, and TETRA projects.

The event included a combination of policy and specialist talks, open discussions and interactive working groups. Furthermore, the Forum was focused on stimulating discussion and the free exchange of ideas between policy makers, researchers, SMEs and start-ups, industry players, and civil society. The discussions were related with the following NGI topics:

  • Data governance and portability;
  • Privacy and trust enhancing technologies;
  • Discovery technologies and online identification;
  • Collective intelligence – from citizens science to open innovation; and
  • Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies.

Think NEXUS upcoming activities

Global Experimentation for Future Internet (GEFI) 2019 Meeting

Think NEXUS will participate in the Global Experimentation for Future Internet (GEFI) 2019 meeting to be organised in Coimbra, Portugal on 7-8 November 2019. This event connects researchers and research sponsors in the EU, US, Japan, Korea, and Brazil to advance international collaboration for experimental research in future networks. GEFI 2019 is the third workshop in the GEFI series, which expands on several previous bilateral and regional international collaborations.

Click here for more information.

Expert Webinar in November

Think NEXUS will organise its second Expert Webinar in November. This webinar will represent a new opportunity for experts from the three EGs to discuss EU-US collaboration on NGI related topics.

Stay tuned for more news about this webinar!

Upcoming Events

Web Summit 2019

Lisbon, Portugal – 4-7 November 2019

The Web Summit is an annual technology conference held in Lisbon, Portugal, considered the largest tech event in the world. The conference's topics focus on internet technology, emerging technologies, and venture capitalism. The Summit has been described as the most important tech event in the world.


Convergence – The Global Blockchain Congress

Malaga, Spain – 11-13 November 2019

The first edition of the “Convergence” congress will bring together the worldwide community of technology start-ups, corporations, regulators and policy makers, researchers and venture capital firms for a 3-day event. The congress will provide the attendees with a chance to develop new networks, hear from experts, and learn how to meet the challenges of blockchain to business and society head on.

Get to know the other NGI projects!

NGI Forward is a 3-year project under the NGI initiative, which started in January 2019. NGI Forward is tasked with helping the EC setting out a strategy, as well as a policy and research agenda for the years ahead. To build an internet that is more democratic, inclusive and resilient, we need to not just create an ambitious vision for the future, but also identify the concrete technologies and solutions we need to get us there. To do this, NGI Forward’s work focuses on four key areas of activity, which together will form the “engine” of the project: the identification of key topics, consultation, policy and research, and stakeholder engagement.

Do you want to know more about NGI Forward?

Click Here

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