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It is not over! Join the NGI International Group!

Think NEXUS has come to an end in July 2021, however the collaborative discussions promoted by the project will continue through ENRICH GLOBAL’s NGI International Group.

The NGI International Group aims to foster and support the development and sustainability of EU-US collaborative projects and initiatives in Internet-related technologies including AI, Big Data, 5G/6G, Internet of Things, Interactive Technologies, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Future Hyper-connectivity, Cloud/ Edge computing; while promoting a human-centric Internet approach and the EU vision, values, and policy priorities across the Atlantic.

ENRICH GLOBAL’s Thematic Groups bring together experts and world-class actors, contributing to international research, innovation, and business collaboration, who share the vision to provide a unique collaborative platform based on best internationalisation practices. Each Thematic Group is animated by its leader, has a dedicated communication channel and organise meetings and activities.

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