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Fabrice Clari

Fabrice Clari is senior consultant at inno TSD, France. Graduated from the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis with a Master of Science in computing and databases, he has been working in innovative projects since then – either on technical topics or management aspects. He is now currently coordinating the Think NEXUS initiative.

Prof. Latif Ladid is:


Prof. Latif Ladid

The EU and the US are still defining their approaches to the digital economy and the need for a specific regulatory regime; however, over the past few years, the following topics have been the most prominent for EU-US policy cooperation:

Competition Policy
Inclusive, Trustworthy and Sustainable Internet Data Security + Privacy
E-commerce Taxation of Digital Enterprises Alternative Models for the Internet Digital Education Inequality Reducing Terrorist + Criminal Exploitation of the Internet Digitalisation of government Operations Fragmentation