To maximise the information collected, Think NEXUS has three expert groups focusing on the areas of Science and Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and EU-US Policy. These expert groups involve EU and US experts that closely cooperate during the project lifetime.

Objectives of the Expert Groups

  • Set a consistent conceptual framework for NGI-related developments by analysing potential challenges for EU-US collaboration in the fields covered by NGI concepts, as well as by assessing the needs for policy and actions to improve such conditions for upcoming collaborations.
  • Identify research and innovation collaboration opportunities and potential projects supporting the setup of a sustainable human-centric architecture, infrastructure and governance.
  • Contribute to the barriers and opportunities reports in order to develop common views on the priorities for EU-US collaboration. This will lead to improved competitiveness, performance and reinforced rights to Internet users.
  • Propose new schemes for developing and co-developing strategic initiatives and actions that will foster the uptake of human centric considerations within technological hard & software developments.
  • Help link EU and US networks for mobilising relevant stakeholders related to NGI thematic.