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Next Generation Internet (NGI) – Next steps

1)    Open workshop

Date: Thursday 18 November, 9.00-13.00 CET 

Online: BigBlueButton

Objective: To discuss the direction the NGI initiative should take based on the experience until now and the current and emerging Internet hot topics. What’s good and what works well? What’s missing and where could NGI do better? Where to invest next to build a more human-centric Internet?

Background: The Next Generation Internet initiative is deeply engaged in delivering the technologies implementing the vision of an Internet of Humans, providing a trustworthy digital experience to internet end-users with more user choice, control and participation.

Over the last 3 years, NGI has directly funded over 500 individual projects in areas as diverse as security and privacy-enhancing technologies, digital identity, decentralised data governance, new methods of search or core internet technologies.  Even more important, it has mobilised more than a thousand of the best European Internet innovators from academia, the open source community, SMEs and start-ups eco-systems who share the vision of building an Internet of Humans.

With Horizon Europe, the new EU research and innovation programme, now fully in place and the window of investment open until 2030, it is time to think about the NGI initiative’s next priorities and how we get organised to reach our ambitious objectives.

Format: Open discussion with NGI community members and beyond.


9:00-9:15Welcome and NGI State of play, European Commission
9:15-9:45Feedback from the first group of NGI projects: NGI-TRUST, NGI Zero and LEDGER: lessons learned / what worked / what to improve / what next
9:45-10:45Parallel discussion sessions 1. NGI process: open calls and support to individual innovators 2. Promoting NGI solutions in a variety of use cases
10:45-11:00Comfort break / networking
11:00-12:15Parallel discussion sessions 3. Next NGI priority Research & Innovation topics 4. NGI community building and international cooperation
12:15-13:00Reporting and conclusion


  • Please note this date in your agenda, more details will be provided closer to the event on the NGI portal.
  • This open workshop does not require any registration. However, if you intend to participate we would welcome your letting us know by sending an e-mail to

2)    Open consultation

A survey on the themes discussed in the open workshop is now open at the following link: The survey will be open until 30 November, 2021, so you may submit your ideas before or after the Open workshop.

NGI Transatlantic Group

It is not over! Join the NGI International Group!

Think NEXUS has come to an end in July 2021, however the collaborative discussions promoted by the project will continue through ENRICH GLOBAL’s NGI International Group.

The NGI International Group aims to foster and support the development and sustainability of EU-US collaborative projects and initiatives in Internet-related technologies including AI, Big Data, 5G/6G, Internet of Things, Interactive Technologies, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Future Hyper-connectivity, Cloud/ Edge computing; while promoting a human-centric Internet approach and the EU vision, values, and policy priorities across the Atlantic.

ENRICH GLOBAL’s Thematic Groups bring together experts and world-class actors, contributing to international research, innovation, and business collaboration, who share the vision to provide a unique collaborative platform based on best internationalisation practices. Each Thematic Group is animated by its leader, has a dedicated communication channel and organise meetings and activities.

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